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What is IMIN? Point of Departure

  • Modern medicine is increasingly recognizing the complex connections of the entire vascular system and is focusing more and more on the interplay between the large vessels and the microvessels in the peripheral circulation.
  • For many years, arteries and veins have been scientifically documented in basic research.
  • Only in recent years has the significance of the microvessels been thoroughly investigated – and the findings give rise to new hope for excellent therapeutic approaches in the entire vascular system.
  • The point of departure mentioned above – and the various international findings and experience – constitute a clear requirement to create a sound expert forum.

What is the goal of the IMIN? Purpose

  • IMIN – International Microvascular Net – is the result of several years of discussions with renowned scientists with vast experience of the connections in the entire vascular system.
  • IMIN – International Microvascular Net – has taken on the task of building an international network for existing knowledge.
  • IMIN – International Microvascular Net – would like to document scientifically proven therapeutic approaches for the entire vascular system and if necessary, also define new therapeutic approaches.
  • IMIN – International Microvascular Net – wants to internationally support the definition of new standards for competent scientists – for patient benefit and reducing therapy costs.

What does IMIN do? Area of Activity

  • IMIN – International Microvascular Net creates synergies through a number of strategic measures:
  • Dissemination of knowledge and circumstances of the health relevance of healthy capillaries.
  • Establishment of a clear definition and scientific consensus regarding the definition and terminology.
  • Inclusion of various collection and diagnosis procedures as the basis for a unified terminology lending itself to consensus.
  • Increasing the range of treatments in the area of microcirculation using the synergistic effects of various treatment approaches.
  • Creating clear treatment structures and sequences in the WHO definitions:
       - Prevention (primary prevention)
       - Cure (secondary prevention)
       - Follow-up care (tertiary prevention)
  • Coordination of pan-European research projects within the context of the EU.
  • Maintaining contacts with international institutions and individuals in the area of microcirculation research.
  • Achieving eligibility for reimbursement for new procedures in the case of great patient need.


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